Council Members

Anna Palmer



Whilst Dorney has now been my home for several years, I grew up on a farm in the depths of rural Worcestershire. Following academic adventures in Bristol and a legal career in the City, my husband and I arrived in Dorney to take over as the custodians of Dorney Court in 2014.

As mother of three children under 8, I balance taking care of an action-packed household with the running of a modern diversified estate. From filming to weddings, farming to property letting, there is rarely a dull moment, and I am very fortunate to enjoy such a diverse set of challenges.

Fortunately, we are supported by an incredible group of people. Some have lived in Dorney for decades and some are more recent arrivals. All have a passion for the village and have helped me understand what makes Dorney so special to those who live and work here in a variety of different ways.

As a Parish Councillor, I hold a privileged position and I want to work hard and set an example to promote community engagement and environmental awareness in an effort to ensure that this corner of South Bucks remains special.