Dorney Parish Council

Dorney Parish Council

Dorney Parish Council was formed and started in 1928. It has always been an apolitical parish council.

Seven councillors may be elected or co-opted to represent Dorney.

Dorney Parish Council meets on the third Tuesday of every month except August and December when there are no meetings.

The current venue for the meeting is at Dorney School, Harcourt Close, Dorney Reach, SL6 0DY.

Meetings begin at 7.30 pm with the first part being open to the public to raise issues. Once the meeting starts members of the public may be observers but may not participate further save with the consent of the Chairman.

Finance Committee Meetings

The Finance Committee meets at least once a year, usually before the November Parish Council Meeting.

The Annual Meeting of the Council (The Parish Council Meeting in May)

Like any other organisation or company, the Council needs to hold an annual meeting to carry out those things that only need doing once a year. These include:
 Electing a Chairman
 Electing a Vice-Chairman
 Appointing committees
 Appointing representatives to other bodies (e.g. Dorney Village Hall Committee)
 Reviewing policy documents such as risk assessment, Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, etc.

This takes place as part of the May meeting each year.

Meeting dates 2022-23