Boveney Court Farm buildings

Boveney Court Farm buildings

25 July 2023: Eton College’s Planning Application for 12 houses refused by South Area Planning Committee

This planning application was refused on a 6-1 vote.

The main reasons for refusal were that the application was in breach of Green Belt and the Boveney Conservation Area Appraisal. See Decision link below for details.

Dorney Parish Council and the Dorney History Group put forward strong written and oral evidence why this Appraisal (not considered by the Planning Department) was an existing, relevant legal document and was a “material planning consideration”, even though it was 27 years old.

Details of the process are in the following documents:

  1. Report from Planning Department to Planning Committee 14 July 2023:
    1. Planning Dept Report Boveney Court Farm 14JUL23
  2. Planning Department Update produced at start of Committee Meeting:
    1. Bucks Planning Update Document on 25JUL23
  3. Dorney Parish Council Submission to Committee, emailed to all members on 22 July 2023
    1. DPC Submission and Boveney CA Appraisal 25JUL23
  4. Address to Planning Committee by Jill Dax, Chair, Dorney Parish Council (DPC):
    1. DPC Chair Speech South Bucks Planning 25JUL23
  5. Address to Planning Committee by Objector, Bill Dax, Dorney History Group (DHG):
    1. DHG Speech 25JUL23
  6. Decision by Planning Committee – Refuse:
    1. PL_22_3562_FA-DECISION- Refuse 27JUL23

Eton College have 12 weeks to advise whether they will appeal this decision – 19 October 2023