Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

Results of Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

As requested at the Neighbourhood Plan Meeting at Dorney School on 18 July 2023, the results of the Questionnaire may be downloaded from the following link: Questionnaire Results – Web page version 19JUL23

Milestones for Neighbourhood Plan:

By the end of July 2023

• Meetings with residents held
• Key findings produced to enable housing requirements to be defined
• Framework of plan to be completed

By the end of August 2023

• Areas identified for potential development
• Criteria for house design to be produced for each area
• Initial neighbourhood plan produced

By the end of September 2023

• Neighbourhood plan published for residents
• Meeting held with residents for presentation and feedback
• Revised neighbourhood plan produced

By the end of October 2023

• Neighbourhood plan approved by Dorney Parish Council
• Neighbourhood plan submitted to Buckinghamshire County Council(BCC)

November 2023 onwards

• BCC reviews neighbourhood plan and provides initial approval or asks for amendments
• Agreed neighbourhood plan sent by BCC to a nominated independent expert for agreement or amendment
• Neighbourhood plan returned to Dorney Parish Council if amendments required
• Final neighbourhood plan published and all residents asked to vote by BCC
• If there is a positive vote the Neighbourhood plan will be adopted and will be applied to all future developments

This is our proposed timetable which we will endeavour to achieve but may change due to unforeseen circumstances.


The Dorney Parish Neighbourhood Plan
Developing a shared vision for our neighbourhood

A neighbourhood plan is a key part of the Government’s localism agenda for Parish Councils to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood. Its aims are to give communities greater power to shape development by taking a more active role in the formation of planning policies at a local level – to choose where they may want new homes, what they should look like and the type of housing to meet their community’s current and emerging needs.
It gives local people a chance to create a planning document that guides and shapes all types of development in their local area. It is written by the local community, the people who know and love their area, not the remote Buckinghamshire Council.
An adopted plan is a formal statutory document that is additional to, and not a replacement for, the emerging Buckinghamshire Local Plan 2040.
What can it influence?
• The planning of new homes to meet local needs.
• A powerful tool to ensure the community gets the right types of development in the right places.
• Style and materials used in planning applications.
• Traffic management measures.
• Identify where impacts can be minimised.
• Safe walking routes.
• Continued protection of Green Belt.
What do we want to achieve?
• Protect sensitive landscapes and avoid harm to biodiversity.
• Protect characteristics that set us aside from neighbouring urban areas.
• Ensure that current listed and heritage buildings and areas are protected and not harmed by new developments.
• Identify buildings of designated interest so they are protected from demolition and development.
• Identify and minimise impact to our lanes and residential roads from through traffic.
• Preserve and enhance community facilities.
What could happen if we don’t?
We are vulnerable to developers using national planning policies to force development onto our community so that they can maximise their profits.
Without a Buckinghamshire Local Plan in place the only way we can have an impact on planning applications is by having an adopted Neighbourhood Plan.
How is the plan is being developed?
A team consisting of Parish Councillors and volunteers has been developing the foundation of the plan, looking at policies and how to formalise them into a working document.

The team who have contributed so far
• William Voaden, Parish Councillor
• Jill Dax, Parish Councillor
• Robert Stopford, Parish Councillor
• Mark Brand, resident
• Bill Dax, Dorney History Group and resident

Dorney Parish Neighbourhood Plan Designation

Dorney Parish Council has applied for and been granted designation to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan.
Please see the application, the designation letter and Parish map attached.

Dorney Decision Notice letter


Neighbourhood Plan Designation July 2022

The following explanatory document was tabled at the October Parish Council meeting and was published in the November 2022 edition of Dorney Parish News:

Neighbourhood Plan for Dorney Parish