Parish Plan

Parish Plan

The first, and only, Dorney Parish Plan was published in February 2005. It was based on a Parish Appraisal sent to the approx. 300 households in Dorney Parish in 2000.

Dorney Parish Plan FEB2005

Dorney Parish Plan (Word Format) FEB2005

What is the difference between a Parish Plan and a Neighbourhood Plan?

Parish Plans

These are statements of how the community sees itself developing over the few years.

It reflects the views of all sections of the community and identifies local problems and opportunities.

The aim of the Parish Plan is to identify what actions are required to achieve its future vision for the area, which group will assist with the implementation and the timeframe for realistically achieving the identified actions in its action plan.

It could include any actions, ranging from addressing a lack of playground facilities to establishing a car share scheme.

Parish Plans should include the monitoring of the action plan to ensure that the plan remains a ‘live document’.

A Parish Plan can help to manage change in a community and also to protect and improve their area.

A Parish Plan is the basis to assist the parish council in setting the annual precept.

Why choose to prepare a Parish Plan?

Parish Plans are ‘holistic’ and comprehensive in their scope and cover more than just planning issues.

Due to its holistic nature the Parish Plan has the potential to influence a wide range of organisations and their policies and plans.

This influencing role is particularly important, and it is where a Parish Plan comes into its own, by identifying areas which may attract potential funding.

The Parish Plan can be the focal point for an effective and positive role for the community in helping to guide proposals, manage change and address local needs through the formal planning process.

There are numerous benefits that can be gained by undertaking to a Parish Plan, some of which include:

  • Building a greater sense of community spirit by working towards a common goal;
  • Improves communication between the Parish Council and local people;
  • Production of an action plan which identifies local problems and provides local solutions for them;
  • Helps establish better partnership working with key service providers;
  • Supports funding applications as it is based on consultation with the community.

What is the status of a Parish Plan?

If the Plan is adopted by Bucks Council as a material consideration, it may be used by officers in the determination of planning applications.

Whilst the Parish Plan is produced by the local community, it will be assessed by a Planning Policy Officer to determine whether it fits into existing national and local planning policies.

It is recommended that discussions about any Parish Plan proposals are held with Planning Policy Officers and key stakeholders to establish whether any proposals are feasible and may be delivered.

However, aspirations for future actions which may not be presently feasible should not be precluded.

Neighbourhood Plans

These are intended to enable housing and infrastructure (roads and utilities etc.) development in local communities.

The plans are not to be used to block development. It is important that there is a clear understanding of what neighbourhood planning is able to achieve.

Dorney Parish Council, in July 2022, agreed to start the process towards developing a Neighbourhood Plan.