Dorney Playground

Dorney Playground


Dorney Playground is situated in Trumpers Field, outside Dorney School and next to Dorney Village Hall. It is managed by a group of people known as the ‘Dorney Playground Management Group’.

The idea of a children’s play area was first suggested in May 2008, and a Management Group – a group of volunteering mums and dads – was established as an independent charity. After thousands of voluntary hours, £170,000 of fundraising and numerous successful grant applications, the playground was established.

The responsibilities now include the playground equipment, the picnic tables and benches in the playground area, the MUGA (Multi-use games area) and the tennis court. This Management Group is totally independent of the Parish Council and is fully responsible for all costs, including maintenance, inspection and repairs. However, we do work closely with Dorney Parish Council and appreciate their support. We would also like to thank the Dorney Village Hall Committee for their support. The Village Hall provides us with a room from which to run the tuck shop and allows us to use the facilities for events at no charge.

So, what do we do? Our main responsibility is to keep the playground, MUGA and tennis court in a good and safe condition. A member of the group will do a weekly playground check which includes picking up any litter, emptying the bins if required and a general check of all equipment. Anything that needs doing is noted and arrangements are made to get the work done. A more detailed three-month check is done, and once a year we pay PlayDale to do a professional playground check.

In order to keep the playground, MUGA and tennis court in good condition, the Management Group are also responsible for fund raising. We have three potential sources of income.
1. We open a tuck shop (sited in Dorney Village Hall) every school day between the beginning of the summer term – normally April – to October half term, between 3.15 and 4.00ish. All profits from the Tuck Shop go into the Playground fund.
2. We try to do an end of year summer party and Halloween party, with all profits going to the Playground fund
3. We apply for grants and awards. Dorney Parish Council pay the public liability insurance for the playground as part of their own DPC insurance. We are very grateful for this as, if the Management Group had to take out this as a single insurance, it would be much more expensive.

Anyone who would like to help us in any capacity is always welcome – from becoming a charity trustee to helping in the tuck shop for 30-45 minutes one day a week. Please contact us if you if can help!!