Council Members

Stephen Baker


Finance Committee: Member


I was born and raised in Dorney through the 80s and 90s. I am an ex-student at both Dorney School and their current multi academy trust partner, Burnham Grammar School. I left the area in 1998 to discover the city of London, living in Camden for a year – there was a notable difference. This was followed by a couple of years in High Wycombe (too many hills). I spent from 2006 and 2018 living in a small hamlet in Bedfordshire, Hall End. During these years, I focused on a career in HR, holding senior roles within Sainsbury’s, Balfour Beatty WorkPlace and ENGIE (previously GDZ Suez – Gaz de France and the SUEZ canal management company). I also spent two years as a General Manager for a small gastropub, literally a 4-minute walk from my house. No matter what anyone says, running a pub can be more hard work than travelling over Europe on a weekly basis for work.

I moved back to the village in 2018 and have subsequently taken up a Governor’s Role with Dorney School. I am a Parochial Church Member for Dorney and have a broader Safeguarding Role for the Church of England across Eton, Eton Wick with Boveney and Dorney. Whilst popping into the Dorney Parish Council meetings from 2019, I started attending regularly at the point of review of the proposed removal of Greenbelt protection for the Area (a time before COVID and the subsequent need to use Zoom and Microsoft Teams). I took up my role with the Parish Council this year and I look forward to serving those who it represents.