Council Members

Jill Dax



In 1998, having lived in Dorney village for 22 years, when a space became available on the Parish Council I decided to apply, and was subsequently co-opted.

In 2011 I resigned in order to give others the opportunity to be involved with their community and to allow me more time to devote as Deputy Chair of Berkshire Magistrates Bench and commitments with both Adult and Youth Courts.

As the saying goes ‘what goes around comes around’ and here I am again! ‘Why?’ one may ask. We moved to our first property in Dorney in 1976, our second in 1981 and our current house in 2004. This, in itself, must tell a story.  The Village we made our first home is the place we don’t wish to leave.  Many changes have taken place over the years, but it’s still the place we love, and with the additions of Dorney Lake and Jubilee River it continues to be the place we wish to stay and help to continue to keep this rather special Village just that – a place where people move to and, like us, have no desire to leave.

In more recent years our quiet and sleepy Dorney has been rather inundated by some proposed changes which could result in major implications for the quiet little place it has been.  As a current team of 6 councillors and community volunteers we hope to add new skills to navigate our way to bringing satisfactory resolutions to these issues and keeping our four communities informed and active for the years ahead and still the place so many of us have no desire to leave.