Your Communication/Consultation Email

Your Communication/Consultation Email

Dorney Parish Council supports an email list for residents. It allows the Parish Council to send out information from time to time on events & activities more effectively than relying on the statutory notice boards. It also assists in involving residents directly in consultation processes.

Mail will be sent as needed rather than on a regular schedule and may often simply alert to an important update / new entry on the parish web site.

If you wish to join this list please fill in the form below. The list is kept confidential to the council and you may withdraw from it at any time. Automated unsubscribe links will be at the bottom of the email, or you can email the Clerk to unsubscribe.


See our Privacy Policy regarding the protection of your personal information. 

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Statement: Dorney Parish Council will adopt procedures and manage responsibly, all data which it handles and will respect the confidentiality of both its own data and that belonging to partner organisations it works with and members of the public.

Click on this link for our Information and Data Protection Policy