21 July 2021: Results of the Court Lane Roundabout/T Junction Consultation (1-15 July 2021) amongst Residents who are on the Electoral Roll

Residents were asked to indicate which of the following choices would they prefer:

  • Change the junction to a mini-roundabout.
  • Reinstate the original T Junction.

There are 595 residents on the Dorney Parish Electoral Roll.

234 of these residents (39.3%) indicated a preference by completing the survey on the Dorney Parish Council website (which sent a private email directly to the Clerk’s email address), by emailing the Clerk directly or by posting their preference directly to the Locum Clerk’s home address.

168 residents (71.8%) indicated a preference to reinstate the original T junction.

66 residents (28.2%) indicated a preference to change the junction to a mini-roundabout.

The full results of the consultation are in Local Issues/Court Lane Proposed Roundabout , excluding names but including postcodes.

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