Correspondence between Dorney Parish Council and Bucks Council regarding Potholes

From: Parish Clerk clerk@dorneyparishcouncil.gov.uk
To: “Martin Tett (Cllr)” <martin.tett@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>
Date: 13 April 2023

Dear Mr Tett
Further to previous correspondence with you (February 2023) we noted with interest your Update of 23rd March 2023 that Bucks are ‘working hard to recoup costs’ for damage caused by HS2 and East West rail projects.
The extensive damage caused here in the south by the extensive M4 digital motorway works was not mentioned in your update. This prompts the question, and hopefully reassurance for residents of Dorney Parish, that Bucks are also ‘working hard to recoup costs’ for damage caused to Lake End & Village Road and Marsh Lane and even quicker repair of our disintegrating roads caused by the M4 works.
Yours sincerely
Cllr Jill Dax


From: “Martin Tett (Cllr)” <martin.tett@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>
To: Parish Clerk <clerk@dorneyparishcouncil.gov.uk>
Date: 1 February 2023
Cc: Chris Nash <chris.nash@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>, Michael Raven <michael.raven@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>, Joe Connolly <joe.connolly@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>, Tara Rutland <tara.rutland@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>, “George Sandy (Cllr)” <George.Sandy@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>, “Paul Kelly (Cllr)” <Paul.Kelly@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>, “Kirsten Ashman (Cllr)” <Kirsten.Ashman@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>, jill x <jill@daxfamily.com>

Thank you for your email. I am aware that the prolonged rain and freezing weather has led to the development of a large number of potholes and other surface defects in our roads across the county. Indeed, other council Leaders report that their counties are experiencing similar problems. I will ask Transport for Buckinghamshire to review the situation in Downey and respond directly to you.
Best Regards
Martin Tett


Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2023
To: Martin Tett (Cllr) <martin.tett@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>
From: Parish Clerk clerk@dorneyparishcouncil.gov.uk

Cc: Chris Nash <chris.nash@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>; Michael Raven <michael.raven@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>; Joe Connolly <joe.connolly@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>; Tara Rutland <tara.rutland@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>; George Sandy (Cllr) <George.Sandy@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>; Paul Kelly (Cllr) <Paul.Kelly@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>; Kirsten Ashman (Cllr) <Kirsten.Ashman@buckinghamshire.gov.uk>; jill x <jill@daxfamily.com>

Dear Mr Tett,

I write in respect of all the residents of Dorney Parish regarding the appalling state of our Parish Roads. We were advised by Dev Dhillon in 2019 that Lake End Road from the A4 through Village Road to Dorney Common would be resurfaced after enduring the lengthy process of the Digital M4 works (see extracts below). The surfaces and potholes, even at that time, were showing signs of wear and tear and this, combined with the number of large, heavy vehicles which use this as an access point daily, have left our roadways in a serious and hazardous state. Drivers are finding it impossible to avoid some of the huge potholes which are of even greater danger to the many horse riders and cyclists who frequent these roads.

Rather than proceed with a lengthy report on each area or individual pothole I have taken photographs which give a general idea of the problems we have. I would be more than happy to share a walk through around the Parish should you wish to inspect all the areas involved.

Whilst it is made abundantly clear that funding for many projects is delayed due to budgetary constraints we hope that speedy action can be taken to address the hazards faced by all our road users, especially given the expectations expressed by Councillor Dhillon and Jim Stacey.

Yours sincerely
Cllr Jill Dax