M4 Smart Motorway

M4 Smart Motorway

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18th March 2022

Latest update from Nick Cooper on the project:
Work to complete the Marsh Lane and Lake End Road bridges progresses well, with all work expected to be completed by the end of May and the project completed overall in June.
To achieve this, there is a full closure of the Lake End Road bridge planned from 9th May for 2 weeks. This will involve full closures weekdays and lane closures at weekends.
The noise barrier fencing around Dorney is largely complete and work will continue over the next few weeks.

9th February 2022

Nick Cooper and Jim Stacy joined the Parish Council meeting on ZOOM again this week to update on the project, full details can be found in the minutes.

Completion of the project is still expected for the end of Spring with a road closure for the expansion joints work on Lake End Rd planned for April.   Installation of the sound proofing barriers is beginning this week and should be completed by the end of March.

19 October 2021: Dorney Parish Council Meeting:

Nick Cooper and Jim Stacey joined on ZOOM to update on the M4 project.

The whole project is expected to be completed in around 6 months. Work to barriers, fencing and village hall entrance will take place in January. The plans for Glebe Close have been agreed and scheduled for end November.   Bridge landscaping on Marsh Lane and Lake End Road will begin in November. There will be another Lake End Road closure (scheduled for 5 days in January) to replace the expansion joints in the bridge. The Parish Council requested advanced notice and correct signage.

21September 2021: Dorney Parish Council Meeting:

The Clerk and The Chair confirmed that no response had been received from Mr. Stacy nor Mr. Orchard despite being invited to comment or attend the Parish Council meeting.  It was agreed The Clerk will contact again for an update, specifically regarding; sound barriers, completion date, 30mph signage on Lake End Road and the entrance to the Village Hall.

15 June 2021: Dorney Parish Council Meeting: No response had been received to the invitation to attend this meeting. It was noted that a resident had raised concerns about the vulnerability of the Trumps Field Site to unwanted incursions as the gate had been removed and the ditch flattened. The Locum Clerk was asked to write requesting that security for the field be reinstated. In response to a query from Andrew Purdie for an update on the issue of sound barriers, it was noted that work on the retaining wall had been delayed for a month.

13 April 2021: Written report from Matt Orchard for the Dorney Parish Council Meeting:

Planting to verges and embankments- The trees being planted are smaller and younger than originally planned. The younger trees have been found to have a faster rate of growth and much better survival prospects in the soils that make up the motorway embankments.

Court Lane/Lake End Road roundabout-Buckinghamshire Council have supplied the required detailed design information and the pricing of the work is underway. There has been a meeting today (Tuesday 13th of April) to discuss the practicalities of building the roundabout and to determine a start date and duration for the works

Marsh Lane should open to traffic in the small hours of the morning of Monday the 19th of April.

Lake End Road will be closed immediately after Marsh Lane reopens 26th of May to the 4th of April and then again at the end of May.

The installation of noise barrier has started on the north side of the motorway. He will check with the team when they intend to start the noise barrier installation on the Dorney Reach side of the motorway.

At the meeting the height of the sound barriers at Dorney Reach was requested. Also what is happening to the house by the entrance to the Dorney Village Hall?