28 July 2021: Update on Dorney Area Parking Review: Email from Ian Thomas (Transport for Bucks – Parking) to Cliveden Ward Councillors

“I will put forward your recommendation that the proposed restrictions around the Dorney area are fully withdrawn from the “Parking Review of the areas around places of natural beauty and Country Parks” Scheme.”

At the Dorney Parish Council meeting on 15th June 2021 it was agreed that we would advise Bucks Council that we would like all 13 of Dorney’s roads removed from this review.

With support from our Cliveden Ward Councillors, especially George Sandy, we are pleased that our request has been noted and will be put forward to Bucks Council.

Dorney Parish Council does recognise the need for a comprehensive Traffic Plan for Dorney including traffic calming, speed limit changes and parking. We have plans to address this.

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